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I Will Draw You (For $$$)

Forty-FIve Dollar Bill

For $45, you'll receive a top-notch cartoon commission of yourself or your loved one doing whatever you want in my patented Ben style. See below for examples. Would you like for me to draw you (or your loved one) as a superhero? An assassin? A science-fiction hero (or heroine)? A vampire, a werewolf, a wizard, or a vampire and/or werewolf-slaying wizard? Anything's doable! All I need from you is your (or your loved one's) real life photograph and any other pertinent details.


Ben Vampire KillingThe Space Detective SmallSuzanna

Ninety-Five Dollars

For just $95, you can get a more complicated piece of art work. For example, if you'd like for me to create a birthday or Christmas or Valentine's Day or NYE or Halloween or Anniversary or Guy Fawkes Day card (cover, two-page interior, back) featuring you and/or your loved one doing whatever you want, $95 will get you that, barring any extremely complicated or extravagant requests.

Card Layout

Question Marks

Anything more complicated than the above – say, website design, detailed posters that involve complicated backgrounds and multiple characters, entire comics or comic books, et cetera – will likely have to be paid for by the hour. $20 is my hourly rate, though that (as with everything else) is completely negotiable.



Email me for more details on how to commission art work of any kind. Even if I haven't included a particular option above, remember – anything is an option. I'm talking T-shirt design, logo design, poster design, you name it. I look forward to hearing from you!


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