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Benjamin Looks Up!

Benjamin Andrew Moore is a stay-at-home dad living in Connecticut with his wife and children (two dogs, one non-dog), though he was born and raised in Ottumwa, Iowa.

Once upon a time, he was a writer and editor for hire. In his many years of underemployment, he worked for the likes of the Chicago Sun-Times, Marvel Comics, Screen Rant, Godiva Chocolatier, Forbes, Roman, and BarkBox, where he was an animal welfare journalist and social video producer. (You may have seen one of his many, many heartwarming videos about dogs, usually centered on animal rescue or pit bull advocacy. He made like three hundred of them and they occasionally went viral.)

Nowadays, Benjamin mostly just tells his non-dog son to "stop hitting that," and the "that" in question is usually some part of Benjamin's own rapidly aging body. His head, his torso, a limb, you name it.

When he's not being brutalized by his own offspring, he's attempting to get some sort of creative/artistic career off the ground.

For example, he's in the process of completing an upper middle grade mystery novel about a young girl detective and her pit bull best friend. It's called The Pit Bull Detective Agency, and it has, among other things: murder, action, pit bulls, other kinds of dogs, and a great message about how...y'know...murder is bad. But also: animal rescue is good. If you're a literary agent who likes pit bulls and/or detectives, please consider representing him! It would go a long way toward boosting his sense of self-worth.

Benjamin is also putting the finishing touches on a short (ish) horror-comedy film called The Babydoll, about a mysterious babydoll come to life who terrorizes a suburban stay-at-home father and his toddler son.

Starring (as you may have guessed) Benjamin and his actual son, the movie is a throwback to the 1980s low-budget horror of Sam Raimi, Stuart Gordon, and...uhmm, other directors...like that. Think of some in your head and that's definitely what he was going for, ha ha! It was shot entirely on the only camera Benjamin owns, AKA his iPhone 12, and features some of the most rank amateur puppetry ever to grace the silver screen. Release date TBD.

If any of that sounds even remotely interesting to you, you should click below to watch the trailer.

Years ago, Benjamin drew a Batman infographic (below) for Screen Rant that depicted "every single (significant) bat-suit" since the Caped Crusader's debut in 1939. It was featured on io9, Comics Alliance, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, iFanboy, Film Drunk, Geeks of Doom, Film School Rejects, Major Spoilers, MTV Geek's Tumblr, and more. People made fun of him for the badly drawn pose, but he really does stand like that all the time.

Click for the full image:

Batman Infographic for About Page

And here's some other stuff Benjamin's responsible for:

Ben's Things

Love dogs? So does Benjamin, in case that wasn't clear! That's why he and his wife adopted Guybrush Threepwood Schumacher-Moore (a pit bull) and Hans Gruber Porkchop Schumacher-Moore (a pit bull sausage mix) a decade or so back. Guybrush was adopted from the Manhattan ACC, while Hans Gruber was adopted from Badass Brooklyn Rescue...though his tale began down in Georgia where he was shot twice and left to die. True story.

Follow them on Instagram if you know what's good for you!

And finally: feel free to hit Benjamin up on Twitter, Instagram, or email, either to offer him gainful employment, big fat sacks of cash, or maybe just advice on how to write successful about pages.

Ben Giddy Whoa
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