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Benjamin Looks Up!

Benjamin Andrew Moore is a writer, editor, artist, and lover of pit bull-type dogs (and also non-pit bull-type dogs) living in Brooklyn, NY, though he was born and raised in Ottumwa, Iowa.

He currently holds two cookie-related records in New York City: one for purchasing the largest number of Insomnia cookies in-store as a single non-corporate entity, and the other for purchasing the largest number of half-pound CityCake cookies with frosting/sprinkles as, uhm, again, a non-corporate entity. You're next, Chip NYC, you mushy bastards.

In Benjamin's many decades of being alive - too many, according to some - he’s worked for the Chicago Sun-Times, Marvel Comics (he synopsized old issues for a purpose that still eludes him), Screen Rant, Godiva Chocolatier, Forbes, BarkBox, and that one Banana Republic for like three weeks in 2007. For the past few years, he’s been writing and producing the sort of social media videos, usually centered on dog rescue or Pit Bull advocacy, that'll make your heart explode inside your chest in the best way possible.

Speaking of dogs, did you know Benjamin has two himself? Guybrush Threepwood Schumacher-Moore (a pit bull-type) and Hans Gruber Porkchop Schumacher-Moore (a dachshund/pit bull-type). Guybrush was adopted from the Manhattan ACC, while Hans Gruber was adopted from Badass Brooklyn Rescue, though his tale began down in Georgia where he was shot twice and left to die. True story.

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All right, let’s cut the crap already. I’m obviously the person writing all this. Me. The aforementioned non-corporate entity known as Benjamin Andrew Moore. So when I say, “Benjamin did this and that and bla bla bla,” I’m really just talking about myself. Which is completely pathetic and I apologize profusely!

Anyway, I wrote a book recently. It’s a murder mystery. Kind of like Clue for the YouTube generation, but…a little darker than that might imply. (There's also some Die Hard in there.) If any of that sounds even remotely interesting to you, you should click below to read the synopsis and/or an excerpt. It's a rollicking good time, I assure you.

Years ago, I drew a Batman infographic (below) for Screen Rant that depicted "every single (significant) bat-suit" since the Caped Crusader's debut in 1939. It was featured on io9, Comics Alliance, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, iFanboy, Film Drunk, Geeks of Doom, Film School Rejects, Major Spoilers, MTV Geek's Tumblr, and more. People made fun of me for the badly drawn pose, but I really do stand like that all the time.

Click for the full image:

Batman Infographic for About Page

And here's some other stuff I'm responsible for:

Ben's Things

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Instagram. I mostly tweet about politics, dogs, and pop culture. As for Instagram, it's the place to be for embarrassing pictures of me as a child, that's for sure.

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