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Benjamin Andrew Moore is a (prospective) Novelist, Freelance Writer/ Editor, and Graphic Artist/ Illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY. He was born and raised in Ottumwa, Iowa, where he was the Creator, Artist, and Co-Writer – along with five friends – of Worthless-Online, a sardonically hilarious webcomic that you've probably never heard of (2002-2004).

After studying Cinema and Comparative Literature and Creative Writing at The University of Iowa (2004-2007), Benjamin moved to Chicago and became a Freelance Staff Writer for Centerstage Chicago, the Sun-Times entertainment website (2007-2008), specializing in food, restaurant, dating, night-life, and city guide-writing, usually of the satirical variety. He also wrote for the Chicago Sun-Times weekend paper, not unlike famous film critic Roger Ebert. The key difference being that Roger Ebert made significant sums of money, and Benjamin did not.

In the fall 2008, Benjamin moved to New York City to attend the Creative Writing Program (MFA) at The New School before becoming an Editorial: Proofreading Intern at Marvel Entertainment (2009-2010). After graduating from The New School (May 2010), he became a Freelance Synopsis Writer at Marvel (2010-2011), a Freelance Writer/Editor for Godiva Chocolatier (2010-2011), and a Staff Writer at Screen Rant (2010-2012), where he was eventually promoted to Editor (2012-2015).

In 2015, Benjamin split his time between writing for Screen Rant, Forbes, and BarkPost, the media branch of BarkBox. Later that year, he was hired as the Vertical Editor of BarkPost Good (2015-2016), which covered all manner of dog-advocacy issues, including rescue, adoption, pit bull awareness, and so on. Currently, he writes and produces dog videos for the BarkBox social pages that'll make your heart explode inside your chest.

Aside from his wonderful family, his incredible wife, his two weird-ass (and utterly amazing!) dogs, and, uhm, maybe his Arrested Development DVDs, there's precious little in this world Benjamin cares about as much as his work-in-porgress YA fantasy novel, Grand Theft Imagination.

Click below to read the first five pages and a synopsis of the story:

A few years back, Benjamin made a Batman infographic (below) for Screen Rant that depicted "every single (significant) bat-suit" since the Caped Crusader's debut in 1939. It was also featured on io9, Comics Alliance, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, iFanboy, Film Drunk, Geeks of Doom, Film School Rejects, Major Spoilers, MTV Geek's Tumblr, and more.

Click below for the full image:

Batman Infographic for About Page

For a more in-depth look into the world of Benjamin Andrew Moore, check out his:

Ben's Things

In the past, Benjamin has written for and maintained several blogs, including his general blog on this website, his satirical blog Come Look At My Chest Hair, and his bad-comic-book-hating blog I Hate Shitty Comics. He was also the Non-Fiction/ Comics/ Web Editor at Verbal Pyrotechnics, an online teen literature magazine (now defunct) that he started with his friends and classmates from The New School.

Come Look at My Chest Hair!Verbal Pyrotechnics
I Hate Shitty Comics

Don't forget to check out Benjamin's Facebook, his Twitter, and...what the hell, his Linked-In, too.

Also, if you'd like Ben to draw something for you – literally anything at all (yourself, your website, your logo, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your mother, your father, your imaginary best friend, your dog, your cat, CatDog, Batman, Superman, the whole entire Justice League, all of the above, doing whatever you want, in comic book form, in birthday card form, in Christmas card form, et cetera) – head on over to the Commissions page for more details.

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