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Art Portfolio

Below is Benjamin's art portfolio, which includes creative illustrations, graphic design work (including web design work), and webcomics.

(Click on each of the following links to be taken to the corresponding set of art work.)



(Click on the below illustrations to enlarge!)

Batman Costumes InfographicBatman Paper Dolls Costume Infographic

A Batman Suits/Costumes infographic, featuring the (significant!) bat-suits from comic books, movies, TV shows, video games, and theater from the Caped Crusader's debut in 1939 to 2011. On the left is the one I created for Screen Rant, which was prominently featured on io9, Comics Alliance, Buzz Feed, iFanboy, The Huffington Post, Film Drunk, Film School Rejects, Visual.ly, Geeks of Doom, Major Spoilers, You Bent My Wookie, and so forth. On the right is the unused original iteration, which is not only an infographic pertaining to the history of Batman's bat-suits, but also a satirical Paper Dolls mockup.

Prop art from the short horror-comedy film The Babydoll. Watch the trailer here.

Vigilante Santa vs. those other holiday losers.

Family Xmas 2020 (the year we couldn't all get together).

Wolverine poppin' his bone claws.

Old School Batman showing off his muscles.

Dog on a Chain (version 1), AKA don't chain your dogs, people!

Dog on a Chain (version 2), AKA seriously, people! Do not do this! It's bad!

My Apologies for Murdering You (mockup art for a murder mystery card game).

Old Lady Detective.

Private Dick.

Teen Girl Detective.

Superhero Detective.

Dog Detective.

Psycho Killer (qu'est-ce que c'est?).

The Trash Car Team, updated for 2019.

The Caveman Chronicles, updated for 2019.

Girl in Mouth, updated (with inks and colors) for 2019.

Ben Vampire Killing Time


The Space Detective

The Space Detective is a private detective. In space!

Suzanna the Genius

The Space Detective's better half. In space!

Captain Alliondros In a Swamp

Captain Alliondros III is a really arrogant and mostly incompetent vampire hunter.

The Nightmare Whale

This is a drawing I made for my nephew's 9th birthday. Appropriately, it gave him night terrors.

Trash Car Team

The Trash Car Team -- another birthday card I made for my awesome nephew.

Worthless College Years

Concept art for a potential Worthless-Online spin-off.

Worthless Trash Car

More unused spin-off concept art.

Worthless Satanic Ben

And yet more spin-off concept art.

A Guide to Jorge

A guide to Jorge Jackson.

Caveman In Ice

The Unfrozen, Cat-Eared, No-Armed Caveman before being unfrozen and no-armed.

Caveman Chronicles

The Unfrozen, Cat-Eared, No-Armed Caveman didn't understand what a "garbage disposal" was, let alone two.

Girl In Mouth

A sketch I did for a friend of mine's sketch book. Title: "Girl In Mouth."


Graphic Art

(Click on below graphic design art to enlarge!)

Eco-Friendly Man-Chests Calendar 2012 Cover

The cover to the Eco-Friendly Man-Chests All Year Round 2012 Calendar, courtesy of GHOF & CLAMCH.

Mr. January

Mr. January. Opposite Day is for real.

Mr. February. Batman's birthday is right after mine! Talk about a revelation.

Mr. August Calendar

Mr. August. A.K.A. Guybrush, after the mighty pirate of the same name.

Mr. November

A.K.A. "Sweet November" because he gave it out...so sweet.


The back-flap, as it were.

Worthless Online

Worthless-Online logo.

Jorge Jackson Goes to Hollywood

Jorge Jackson Goes to Hollywood logo.

Jorge Jackson's Eyeballs

Jorge Jackson, eyeball-style!

Worthless Extras

Worthless-Online web design.

Worthless Comic Navigation

Worthless-Online comic navigation web design.

I Hate Shitty Comics Logo

I Hate Shitty Comics logo.

BAM Website Design

BAM DOT COM web design. As if you didn't know!

Verbal Pyro Design

VP landing page design. (Inspired by Stationery by Thijs; VP logo by Justin Marshall.)

VP blog design version 2. (VP logo by Justin Marshall.)

Verbal Pyrotechnics Concept Logo

My (unused) Verbal Pyrotechnics logo mock-up

BAM Business Card

My business card.
Come Look At My Chest Hair Baby
Come Look At My Chest Hair header design take #1.

Come Look At My Chest Hair Baby 2
Come Look At My Chest Hair header design take #2.


Comic Art

Benjamin has created numerous webcomics, including the "About" comic for Tommy Centro Dot Com (written by Jakob Free), the raucous and juvenile Worthless-Online, the weird-as-hell/unfinished Jorge Jackson Goes to Hollywood, and the proposed but unfortunately never picked up Centerstage Stories (1, 2). Below are some examples, and again, as ever – click to enlarge!

The Tommy Centro "About" Comic (written by Jakob Free).

Robot Dan

From The Return of Robot Dan storyline.

Worthless Draft 1

After escaping the draft, Worthless Ben Goes to Canada and fights the mounties.

Worthless Draft 2

Worthless Ben Goes to Canada Part 2.

Tail Spin

What if...Worthless Ben and Dan Starred In Disney's Tail Spin?

Jorge Jackson #1

Jorge Jackson Goes to Hollywood #1, a webcomic.

Jorge 2

Jorge Jackson Goes to Hollywood panel #12.

Jorge 4

Panel #16.

Jorge 5

Panel #18.

Jorge 6

Panel #19.

Jorge 7

Panel #20.

Centerstage Stories

Centerstage Stories #1, panel #1.

Centerstage Stories #1d

Panel #5.

Centerstage Stories

Centerstage Stories #2, panel #1.

Centerstage Comics 2

Panel #2.

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